BMS-IL the Israeli Butterfly Monitoring Scheme

Supporting the Israeli Butterfly Monitoring Scheme

GlueCAD (owned by Israel Pe'er) has voluntarily developed and provided the Butterfly Observations Portal for the Israeli Lepidopterists Society since the establishment of the Israeli Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (BMS-IL) in April 2009 and has become increasingly involved in building and managing databases and software tools for supporting citizen observatories and biodiversity observation data in Israel.

From engineering portal to Biodiversity portals

Established in 2004 (by Israel Pe'er) GlueCAD 's main business originally circled around integrating engineering and industrial data, starting with the launching of a data-centric web-based 'Engineering Portal', a software solution methodology for data-mining and integration of technical CAD drawings with documents and multi-discipline data sources, providing a unique environment for building, sharing and managing of organizational technical data in the industrial context.

GlueCAD's contribution to Citizen Science

Israel Pe'er (GlueCAD) is continuously managing the BMS-IL, facilitates the infrastructures, data repository, database tools and mobile applications for collecting and handling in situ observations on butterflies, assimilating high standards for data quality and developing algorithms and queries for accessing and analysing monitoring data.
I. Peer is a member of the Israeli Lepidopterists Society and functions as the IT manager of the BMS-IL project, expert in biodiversity-informatics and a member of the scientific and research team,
performing recruitment, training of volunteers, dissemination and development of new monitoring protocols and IT solutions upon demands. He works in close cooperation with Dr. Guy Pe’er from the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ in Leipzig and German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig

GlueCAD's biodiversity projects and activities

Israel Pe'er (GlueCAD) was a partner within the EU BON project participants (2012-2017). His main activities and contribution for the project were in biodiversity informatics, EU BON Portal development, data sharing tools and standards, citizen science portal and data mobilisations, data quality and development of mobile apps for observations reporting