The national Butterfly Monitoring Scheme in Israel (BMS-IL)

The Israeli Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (BMS-IL) was launched in 2009 as an initiative of the Israel Lepidopterists’ Society (ILS) aiming to follow, analyse and inform on the status and trends of butterflies in Israel.
Led by Dr. Guy Pe’er, Dr. Racheli Schwarz-Zachor and Mr. Dubi Benyamini (Founder and President of ILS), the monitoring scheme is based on a network of volunteers who perform systematic observations across Israel.
BMS-IL is supported by two full-time coordinator and a postdoc researcher as well as a portal, website, database and mobile applications for reporting butterfly observations (developed and manage by Israel pe'er, GlueCAD).
With 9 years of on-the-ground experience, BMS-IL is a fully operational programme and Israel’s leading citizen science initiative.

BMS-IL activities and hence database include three type of observations:
   a) Systematic observations along fixed transects ("Pollard walks" based)
   b) Collation of opportunistic sightings
   c) Targeted observations surveys on rare species.