National Butterfly Monitoring Scheme in Israel (BMS-IL)

The BMS-IL, Butterfly Monitoring Scheme of the 'Israel Lepidopteristsĺ Society (ILS)' was launched in 2009 with the aim of building a scientific database that will collect and document data and information on the status and trends of butterflies in Israel. This is a Citizen-Science, community project, based on an array of volunteers from all over the country. Years of extensive activity have yielded partnerships, support, recognition and butterfly monitoring communities that continue to join and expand the volunteer audience. .

Why monitor and why butterflies ?
Butterflies are the thermometer of nature and are considered an ideal ecological indicator because of their complete dependency on the world of plants and insects, which make them highly sensitive and with quick response to changes in the state of the environment. Repeated and systematic butterfly monitoring (= counting) is a highly effective scientific diagnostic tool for studying, analyzing and understanding the state of the environment, for ecological analysis of the state of nature and for producing conclusions and recommendations for action and prevention of human-caused damage.

Initiators of the monitoring program: Dubi Benyamini, Dr. Racheli Schwartz-Tzahor, Dr. Guy Peer.
Portal and the Butterfly Observation Database serving the 'National Butterfly Monitoring Program' donated, developed and managed since 2012 by Israel Peer (GlueCAD - Biodiversity IT).
*   Scientific adviser to the program since its inception: Dr. Guy Pe'er
*   Scientific researcher of the monitoring plan: Dr. Orr Comay

BMS-IL activities and hence database include three type of observations:
Systematic Monitoring (BMS): over 100 regular routes nationwide are scanned twice monthly by volunteer from the butterfly monitoring communities (Megiddo, Hadera, Modi'in, Emek HaMa'ainot, Kiryat Uno, Gezer, Tel Aviv and more). Guided by the association's experts and the monitoring program. A national monitoring coordinator, Tal Melochna / Dr. Inbar Ktalav, manages activities throughout the year with the community coordinators.
*   Map of the systematic monitoring routes in Israel

Sporadic Monitoring: nature and butterflies enthusiasts from all over the country send daily observation reports through the BMSapp or the portal and enrich the observation database with valuable information for their protection. "I Saw a Butterfly" app on Google play and "ń˘°˘°ÚÝ ¨°ÓÚ˙Ú" web-form to report spotting.

Rare species study: In 2009, 14 species of butterflies declared, "protected natural values" in Israel. The 'Israel Lepidopteristsĺ Society' through the monitoring program manage and works to promote annual surveys with an emphasis on endangered species and is attended by hundreds of volunteers.